Zig Zag Tubes are pre-rolled cigarette tubes made from high-quality, ultra-thin rolling paper. They come in various sizes, including king size and 100mm, and are designed for use with loose tobacco and rolling machines. Zig Zag Tubes feature a cork or plastic filter tip for a smoother smoking experience and are popular among both novice and experienced smokers who prefer to roll their cigarettes.

  • Zig Zag has been famous for its rolling papers for more than a century, and they are credited with creating the well-known interleaved “zig zag” pattern.
  • They now produce and provide High Quality Cigarette Tubes as well, keeping up with evolving trends.
  • Each package of these cigarette tubes has 200 tubes and is blue in colour work with all of our whole leaf tobacco, guaranteed.

100s, Kings


Red, White


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